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Education and Industrial Training Revolution Trust

Started on july 15, 2014, by well-known Entrepreneur  Abubakkar Siddiq is the culmination of a strong belief that enlightening minds and empowering them is the only way for battling and eliminating social evils and uplifting the society. EDUCATION AND INDUSTRIAL TRAINING REVOLUTION TRUST through its initiatives provides access not only for quality education, but also inculcates values, commitment and dedication to the society, thus helping to build a strong future for every child.

 The seed for EDUCATION AND INDUSTRIAL TRAINING REVOLUTION TRUST was first sown when a few like minded people came together to give shape to their dreams of transforming the society by equipping every child with education. The goal was to provide an opportunity for good quality education for deserving children in the rural areas and to create a platform to nurture their talents and provide them with opportunities to learn, develop and transform into a well-rounded individual.

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