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Administration to look after situation as schools remain closed in Tamil Nadu


All the schools and colleges have been remaining closed since 12th of this month. As there is an intermitted rain shower, the education board is unable to reopen all schools.

Half Yearly Exams to Get Postponed to Dec End


Most of the districts in Tamil Nadu are seen water logged and flooded as the northeast monsoon has intensified. In districts including Kanchipuram, Vilupuram, Vellore and Tiruvallur and Chennai city, the roads are all water logged and badly affected.


Due to this, the education administrators to look after the situation as schools remain closed in Tamil Nadu due to fortnight-long heavy rains.

Most of the government schools are water logged and the classrooms and schools are badly affected. In addition, lakhs of school students are affected. They have also lost their books and note books in the rain water.


Hence, the government has ordered to distribute books to all 10th and 12th standard students who are at the verge of taking up their board examination. The government makes sure to comfort the people with all that they need.


As per the timetable rolled out earlier, half-yearly examination for 10th and 12th standard students will begin on 6th and 7th of December respectively, and continue to take place till 22nd. However, the schools are being shut in the past nine days. In schools present in the other districts, comparatively lesser number of holidays was declared for rain. All college semester exams including that of Anna University and Madras University were postponed too.


As the half yearly exams are falling soon with just ten days left, enough time is required for the teachers to finish the pending lessons, distribute books and make other necessary arrangements.


Furthermore, the police officials have decided to inspect the road conditions of road before taking a call on reopening of schools.


Though the rainfall has stopped in districts like Thiruvallur, Cuddalore, etc, the stagnant water has not drained yet. Hence, students in these districts require more time for getting back to their routine.


This has led to hassles with beginning the half yearly examination during the first week of December as per plans. The exams may begin on 16th of December or post Christmas and take place during the first week of January.


Caste certificates for SC/ST students at respective schools: New regulations soon


The central government has set up the new rules & regulations to facilitate the issue of caste certificate and residential proof certificate for the SC/ST students studying in 8th Standard at their respective schools.


Further, the central government has made the new rules & regulations to release their caste certificate for these children based on their birth certificate given while joining the school.


The central government Staff training institute has released an announcement that any opinions & suggestions can be submitted till 21st December.


As per these new regulations, the school headmaster or principal will check all the details of related documents and send a report on the same with documents to the concerned officers.


The central government has planned to implement this proposal during every September & October for 2 months every year or else as per the preference of the respective state governments.


A new regulation has been given for the officers to make and send the caste certificates of these SC/ST students within 30 to 60 days after receiving the report from the school headmaster/principal.


If the application is rejected for any reasons, the same should be explained to the government as well as concerned school authorities.












Anna University arrear & regular for CEG/ MIT/ACT/SAP Campus


It is informed that end semester examinations scheduled for certain dates of Nov/Dec 2015 exams of UG & PG (full time & part time) arrear & regular for CEG/ MIT/ACT/SAP Campus are rescheduled due to inclement weather.


Dates of exams originally scheduled Rescheduled dates of exams
12.11.2015 F.N & A.N – Thursday 02.12.2015 F.N & A.N – Wednesday
13.11.2015 F.N & A.N – Friday 03.12.2015 F.N & A.N – Thursday
14.11.2015 F.N & A.N – Saturday 04.12.2015 F.N & A.N – Friday
16.11.2015 F.N & A.N – Monday 07.12.2015 F.N & A.N – Monday
17.11.2015 F.N & A.N – Tuesday 08.12.2015 F.N & A.N – Tuesday
18.11.2015 F.N & A.N – Wednesday 09.12.2015 F.N & A.N – Wednesday
19.11.2015 F.N & A.N – Thursday 10.12.2015 F.N & A.N – Thursday
20.11.2015 F.N & A.N – Friday 11.12.2015 F.N & A.N – Friday
21.11.2015 F.N & A.N – Saturday 12.01.2016 F.N & A.N – Saturday



Anna University Semester Exams Rescheduled Dates


Dates of exams originally scheduled Rescheduled dates of exams
23.11.2015 F.N & A.N – Monday 05.01.2016 F.N & A.N – Tuesday
24.11.2015 F.N & A.N – Tuesday 06.01.2016 F.N & A.N – Wednesday
25.11.2015 F.N & A.N – Wednesday 07.01.2016 F.N & A.N – Thursday
26.11.2015 F.N & A.N – Thursday 08.01.2016 F.N & A.N – Friday
27.11.2015 F.N & A.N – Friday 09.01.2016 F.N & A.N – Saturday
28.11.2015 F.N & A.N – Saturday 11.01.2016 F.N & A.N – Monday







Apply online for Plus Two exams

Tamil Nadu Government examination director Vasundhara Devi has mentioned that private candidates who wish to apply for the Plus Two examinations in March 2016 can apply online through the government examination service centers set up in the districts till November 27 (except on Saturdays and Sundays).


Details of the examination service centers can be found in the


Candidates who are applying for the first time and those are reappearing for subjects in which they had failed earlier can apply now on payment of the stipulated fee.



TNPSC Group- 2-A – 1,947 vacancies


In TNPSC Group- 2-A 1,947 vacancies available and 8 lakhs graduates have applied for the job. TNPSC has announced that there are 1,947 job Vacancies in various departments in Tamilnadu Government for the posting of Assistants, Walk Clerks, Junior Clerks, Co- auditors etc. Appling online has been started on Oct 12th. Last date for the candidates to apply has been extended from Nov 11th – Nov 18th 2015