Vision & Mission

Road Accident Awareness And Mechanical Training Camp on Annai violet college

Vision & Mission

Our vision

"To Bring About A Significant Positive Change In The Socio-Economic Status Of The Rural Society By Offering Quality Education To The Deserving Individual"

We Are Also Involved In Promoting The Importance Of The Education And Encourage Children From Government Schools And Orphanages To Study Well. We Handle This By Organizing Workshops, Competitions And Games For Children From The Underprivileged Section Of The Society.

To Uphold The Social Values While Helping The Society To Develop Technologically And Morally By Providing Education Of Global Standards, Thus Bringing About Emancipation In The Society Through Knowledge And Wisdom.

We Education And Industrial Training Revolution Trust (EITR) Have A Vision To Impart Quality Technical And Job Oriented Education To Cater The Need Of All Societies In Around The Globe, While Maintaining A High Standard Of Discipline Through Our Dedicated, Involved And Committed Staff, We Aim To Bring Out Not Only Superior, Knowledge-Wise Students, But Also To Make Them Ethically Strong Who In Turn Shall Improve The Quality Life Or The Human Race.


Our Mission

Our Mission At EITR Trust Is To Educate Students From All Over Tamil Nadu, Drawn From Rural And Urban Areas, As Well As Students From Outside The Country And Make Them Enlightened Who, In Turn, Will Be Able To Serve Society At Large With Single-Minded Devotion.

It’s Our Mission To Transform The Life Of Every Child. If We Could Achieve Just That, We’d Be Very Proud.

However, We Think That If We Can Support Transformative Change Working With One Of India’s Most Marginalized Communities, Then What We Learn Could Be Useful In Changing The Lives Of All Children Living In Similar Settings Across Tamilnadu. We’ll Achieve This Mission By Providing A Seamless Package Of Support From Community Services. Focused On.

Education And Industrial Training.

Giving Each And Every Under Privileged Child A High Quality Education And Developing An Innovative Industrial Training.

Road Accident Awareness And Mechanical Training Camp on D.B Jain Collage

Road Accident Awareness And Mechanical Training Camp on Sri Ram Engineering Collage